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Leaders’ Welcome Packet 2023-24

*Note: If you’ve been directed to use the fillable bylaws forms due to any issue using the online ebylaws system, here they are updated for 2023:

  • Unit Bylaws Fillable Submittal Form
  • Unit Bylaws Fillable Form

Term begins July 1.


  • Obtain most recent copy of bylaws
  • After reviewing, discuss with President if a bylaw review committee should be established to update bylaws
  • Know what the quorum numbers are for both executive board and association meeting. If at a meeting quorum is not met, then no business can proceed. 

KEY: Bylaws should be reviewed annually, and updated every five (5) years by the bylaws committee of the association, chaired by the parliamentarian. The procedures and instructions to complete the bylaws are found inside the front cover of each set of bylaws.


  • Make sure President appoints and Executive Board ratifies appointments for the following
  • Parliamentarian 
  • Corresponding Secretary (if unit has)
  • Financial Reviewer (if not part of Executive Board)
  • Standing Committee chairs (per bylaws)
  • Committee Chairs 

Running Meetings 

As parliamentarian you ensure that all meetings are run smoothly

In November discuss Nominating Committee 

Review the bylaws and make a motion to create the members of the nominating committee, select the chair. The parliamentarian attends the first meeting to review the bylaws and answer any questions. 

    Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI)

    Nominating Committee (NomCom)
    The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to seek and identify qualified nominees who will take on leadership roles within your PTA. The members of the committee have a key role to ensure that the unit benefits from nominees with a diverse range of talents, perspectives and experiences.

    Nominating Committee Basics: 

    • The only committee NOT appointed by the president, nominating committee is ELECTED
    • Seek qualified nominees for elected leadership position (NOT chairs (those are appointed))
    • Committee is elected by the association at least 2 months prior to the election (Usually in March)
    • Every elected position is open EVERY year.
    • Mix of new and more experienced committee members
    • President NEVER serves on the committee
    • Principal is always a member of the committee/advisor
    • Cannot serve on the committee for 2 years in a row
    • Parliamentarian may serve if elected
    • NOVEMBER-JANUARY – Find and elect nominating committee @ the association meeting
    • FEBRUARY – Present and post slate of nominees (MUST be posted 28 days before association election)
    • MARCH – Election Meeting 
    • APRIL/MAY – Elected officers forwarded to CAPTA via PTAEZ 
    1. Elect nominating committee members and alternates (check your bylaws to see exact numbers of each)
    2. The parliamentarian sets up the first nominating committee meeting.  At this meeting, if all of the nominating committee members attend then the alternate members are dismissed and are NOT part of the slate search. If a member of the nominating committee did not show up to the first meeting, then an alternate is called in to replace said member. 
    3. The nominating committee should elect a chair.
    4. Prepare a slate. It is a committee activity to create a slate, it is not up to just the chair of the committee
    5. Once a slate is final, all members of the nominating committee MUST sign the nominating committee report.  Present the slate at the association meeting and it MUST be posted 28-days before your March election.  See below for the form.
    To guide you, I have also included the following forms and links:

    Nominations and Elections How to:


    Nom Com Report to be posted 28 days before association election in March/early April:
    Nom Com Report Template

    Elections Script:  

    Just in case, here is the Parliamentarian Job Description

    Q. Can a vacant position on the proposed nominating committee report be filled after the report has been submitted and posted?

    A. Yes. If a nominee withdraws before the election, the committee must reconvene as soon as possible to agree upon another nominee. If an office is vacant after the election because an officer-elect resigns or because no one was elected to fill the office, it shall be considered a vacant office to be filled by the board-elect according to the bylaws.


    Q. How does the nominating committee handle the acceptance of the nomination for a position after the report has been submitted?

    A. If someone accepts a nomination after the report has been submitted (at least 28 days prior to the election meeting), the nominating committee chairperson will read a revised report that includes the new nominee for office to the executive board and to the membership at the annual election meeting. 

    Q. What if the nominating committee doesn’t or isn’t able to do its job in time to publish the slate 28 days before the election?

    A. Then all interested candidates must run from the floor on election day.

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