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IUSD Mental Health Services and SEL Supports:

IUSD Mental Health

This presentation given to the high school Advocacy students Feb. 2021 and we wanted to share it with you. This presentation shows what is offered to support ALL students, from elementary through high school at our district.

Fourth District Advocacy Monthly Newsletter:

During the school year, Fourth District PTA puts out monthly talking points and a monthly newsletter called Advocacy Communicator.  Current and past newsletters can be found here.

Fourth District PTA Hosts Advocacy Forums:

These forums are held throughout the school year to discuss current topics in education.  All PTA members are welcome to attend. Click here for more information about these forums.

California School Dashboard:

Click here to learn more about California’s new ratings system. Type in your school’s name to find out how your school is doing.

2021 California State PTA Legislation Conference:

Sacramento Student Advocacy Trip:

  • For information about the student trip –> Click here

Sacramento Safari 2020 – Fourth District Advocacy: