A Message from Our President

Irvine Unified Council PTA

A Message from our Council President 2023-24

July 1, 2023

Are you all ready to have some FUN and get to “Making Connections” this year?

We’ve weathered the past few years and have come out stronger and more determined than ever to be the social human beings we were meant to be. Although the convenience and accessibility of technology has given us the ability to attend virtual meetings and get work done, we have begun to realize how this has impacted our ability to truly feel connected and engaged not only with each other, but with teachers and school in general.

The IUCPTA exec team has come up with this year’s theme of “Making Connections” to guide our efforts in everything we do with/for students, families, teachers, administration, and community partners.  Highlights for this year include:

  • Updated website with a universal calendar that can be imported into your personal calendar so you never miss a deadline or event

  • Online support requests for one-on-one support, trainings, or any other questions you may have

  • Monthly president meetings to share information and connect you with our district and community leaders (3 evening meetings this year for those who work full-time!) We are encouraging in-person only, but will make exceptions upon request

  • Trainings through our own IUCPTA as well as our 4th District PTA so you can learn how to become a stronger PTA leader and run your non-profit

  • Expanded committees to cover areas of interest:  Advocacy & Legislation, Reflections, Health & Safety, Family Engagement, and Communications.  If you are interested in any of these committees, you can apply here, by September 30th.

Thank you for your time and commitment to our children and PTA. We appreciate you!

Jim Leung
President 2023-24


What Specifically are Irvine Council’s Responsibilities?

  • To unify and strengthen its units with counseling and encouragement.
  • To promote within the council territory the interests of the National PTA, the California State PTA and district PTA.
  • To develop and coordinate association and council projects and activities in the interest of children and youth.
  • To act as a clearing house for an exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • To serve as a channel of communication between the district and the local associations.
  • To provide opportunities for leadership training.
  • To promote public opinion favorable to the interests of children and youth.
  • To assist in the formation of new local units according to the plan of the California State PTA.
  • To compile a roster of council officers and association presidents.
  • To provide information on proper procedures at the direction of the PTA district president in the event of dissolution of any association or an association disbands.

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