Family Engagement

6 Standards of Family Engagement
The Six Standards of Family Engagement – CAPTA

Family Engagement is a shared effort of families, schools, and community leaders to advance programs, practices, and policies that empower every parent/legal guardian to make their child’s potential a reality.

Ways we can assess family engagement include:

  • The awareness and quality of efforts by school districts to seek input from all parent groups in decision-making
  • The awareness and quality of family engagement programs, policies, and family resources created to better connect families with schools
  • The percentage of schools demonstrating inclusive outreach to all families, in home languages, and easy two-way communication between home and school (Goal is to move closer to meeting the U.S. Department of Justice’s view of translation/interpreting for parents, read more)
  • The awareness and quality of parent education activities to support student learning and success in school and beyond
  • The percentage of parents who know how well their children are doing in class and how their school plans to improve student outcomes
  • How safe and connected (relational trust) parents feel with school –particularly during this pandemic
  • HAVE YOU SURVEYED YOUR FAMILIES LATELY? Are you setting up opportunities to listen & engage?

Seeking Transformative Family Engagement

The Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

  • Dual Capacity – Educators’ and Families’ path to true family engagement only works when both understand and agree upon the goals and capacity outcomes

Engage for Your Child’s Success! …What is Success for Your Child(ren)?

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What’s Happening this Year?

IUSD Parent Education Program for October

TitleDate/ TimeRegistration Link
Supporting Student Success at Home (Elementary)We will be discussing tips and strategies to support student learning at home for TK- 6th grade.Oct. 8th at 9am Register here
Meet and Greet with Ms. Kim (in Korean)편하게 놀러오세요!Oct. 11th at 1pmRegister here
Latino Children’s Meeting with Ms. Anaya (in Spanish)“Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana” (Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month)Oct. 14th at 3:30pmRegister here
的小学资优教育 GATE & APAAS: IUSD (in Mandarin)Oct. 18th at 1pmRegister here
African American/ Black Parent Community Meeting
We will be discussing various opportunities for parents to provide input to IUSD around materials and funding (LCAP, LCFF, School Site Council, etc). 
Oct. 19th at 4pmContact Shalonda Abubakar for link
Latino Parent Meeting with Ms. Anaya (in Spanish)“Cómo Navegar por el Sistema Educativo de EE. UU.” (How to Navigate the US School System) Oct. 21st at 3:30pmRegister here
Attendance Awareness VideoResearch shows families are essential partners in promoting positive attendance at school. Join Michelle Walsh, the new Coordinator of District Attendance Recovery and Engagement, as she shares the research and data on the importance of having students in class each day. Releasing Oct. 22nd at 4pmView video here on Oct. 22nd! 
Welcome to IUSD (Meet and Greet) (in Japanese)IUSDへようこそ(日本語コミュニティ第一回交流会)Oct. 25th at 1:30pmRegister here
Tea with Ms. Farjadi-Parent Engagement (in Farsi) چای با خانم فرجادی-مشارکت والدینOct. 29th at 10amRegister here
Early Childhood (ages 0-5) ResourcesongoingMonthly Newsletter School Readiness WebsiteResource Folder

Important Events This Month

National Bullying Prevention Month (all month long)

National Italian American Heritage Month

Filipino American History Month

No School- Staff Development Day- October 11th

Community Survey please provide input about how we can better support you and your students. 

If you have any questions please contact Erin Timberman, Coordinator or Parent and Family Engagement, at or 949-936-8618. 

You can also join our Bloomz App group to get reminders about upcoming events.

Always looking for new ideas on ways to make Family Engagement more equitable, accessible, and effective. Please share your thoughts & suggestions with us!