Family Engagement

6 Standards of Family Engagement
The Six Standards of Family Engagement – CAPTA

Family Engagement is a shared effort of families, schools, and community leaders to advance programs, practices, and policies that empower every parent/legal guardian to make their child’s potential a reality.

Ways we can assess family engagement include:

  • The quantity and quality of efforts by school districts to seek input from all parent groups in decision-making
  • The quality of family engagement programs, policies, and family resources created to better connect families with schools
  • The percentage of schools demonstrating inclusive outreach to all families, in home languages, and easy two-way communication between home and school (Goal is to move closer to meeting the U.S. Department of Justice’s view of translation/interpreting for parents, read more)
  • The quantity and quality of parent education activities to support student learning and success in school and beyond
  • The percentage of parents who know how well their children are doing in class and how their school plans to improve student outcomes
  • How safe and connected parents feel with school –particularly during this pandemic

Seeking Transformative Family Engagement

The Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

  • Dual Capacity – Educators’ and Families’ path to true family engagement only works when both understand and agree upon the goals and capacity outcomes

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What’s Happening this Year?

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