Red Ribbon Week: October 26-30, 2020

New resource updated. Ideas and tool kits for the Red Ribbon Week !

NAMI Walk: Oct.10th, 2020

“Steps to Fundraiser for a Virtual Walk” Flyer

Convention: Sacramento
May 14-16th, 2021

Find out more about Convention 2021!

Irvine Prevention Coalition

Supporting children, youth and families since 1995.

Programs & Fundraising List

To help give you ideas for programs & fundraisers, this is a living list of providers. Please send us your program contacts if they are not on this list so we can share it with other schools here.

PTA 3-to-1 Rule:

There should be at least three non-fundraising programs aimed at helping parents or children or advocating for school improvements, for every one fundraiser. 

Mother Daughter Tea and Guys Night: