Resources for Financial Secretary/Treasurer/Auditor:

Not sure how long you need to keep financial records and such? Click here to view CAPTA’s retention policy.

Financial Forms:

Audit Checklist (Fillable Form) 2020-21
Audit Report (Fillable Form) 2020-21
Audit Report Form 2019-20
Use the 2019-20 form for the July to Dec. 2019 audit.
Starting Jan to June 2020 audit, an audit committee is required. Use the above 2020-21 forms for audits Jan. to June 2020 and later.
CAPTA Audits: Question and Answer Guide
Fiduciary Agreement
IUCPTA Check Request Form
IUCPTA Remittance Form 2020-21
Whistleblower Form

Other resources:

Information on Nonprofit Raffle Programs

Registry of Charitable Trusts Link