Resources for Financial Secretary/Treasurer/Auditor:

Not sure how long you need to keep financial records and such? Click here to view CAPTA’s retention policy.

Taxes should be filed by Nov. 15 of each year.

Financial Forms:

Audit Checklist (Fillable Form) 2021-22
Audit Report (Fillable Form) 2021-22
Audit Report Form 2019-20
Use the 2019-20 form for the July to Dec. 2019 audit.
Starting Jan to June 2020 audit, an audit committee is required. Use the above 2021-2022 forms for audits Jan. to June 2020 and later.
CAPTA Audits: Question and Answer Guide
Fiduciary Agreement
IUCPTA Check Request Form
IUCPTA Remittance Form 2021-2022
Whistleblower Form

Other resources:

Information on Nonprofit Raffle Programs

Registry of Charitable Trusts Link