IUCPTA Fall Kick-Off Training & Vendor Resource Fair

Thursday, August 31st 9-12Noon

RSVP invitations have been sent out if your email was updated in myPTEZ.  This will be in-person only, but presentations will be available from website.  Lots of donated giveaways and drawing prizes to be won along with food/snacks/beverages.  Training classes are for President/EVP, Treasurer, Secretary, Advocacy, Reflections, Communication, Programs/Fundraising, Financial Secretary, Financial Reviewer (formerly Auditor), and IPSF Ambassador/ACE Coordinator. 

Separately, Parliamentarian training will be provided in the evening on August 24th by 4th District PTA. Register by August 20th here.

There is no historian training, but you can find historian info in our Leadership Training section here.

See Calendar Event RSVP Required.

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