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The Ed100 Academy is now the Summit for Student Leaders!

I’m pleased to share an exciting announcement! This Fall, Children Now will host the 2023 Summit for Student Leaders, in partnership with a range of youth-led groups throughout California. The Summit is an evolution of the widely-acclaimed Ed100 Academy for Student Leaders, which was held for the last three years.

Want to get involved? Contact Sara Ortega at !

The goal of this 1.5-day online Summit is to support the development and engagement of well-informed student leaders, so student voices have a strong impact on policy. The 2023 Summit for Student Leaders will focus on training about key education policy issues, understanding government relations in Sacramento, and creating effective networks for engagement in policy change. The program will also support stronger connections among student-led groups and deepen their ability to make a difference for students in California together.

If you’re a high school or college student and are interested in volunteering for this event, please reach out to Sara Ortega at .

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