Special Artist 

Student NameTitle of Work – Título del TrabajoArts CategoryStudent Award
Dominick Alexander GomezLet’s Change the WorldPhotography1st Special Artist Photography

Primary (Pre-K-Grade 2) 

Student NameTitle of workArts CategoryStudent AwardSchool
Katelyn SchollYou’re never full dressed without a smileDance Choreography1st Primary DanceBeacon Park PTA
Grayson Kim WallI matterDance Choreography2nd Primary DanceEastwood Elementary PTA
Kendra ElavarasuI Matter BecauseDance Choreography3rd Primary DanceDeerfield Elementary
Veera ShahI MatterFilm Production1st Primary FilmEastwood Elementary PTA
Julia KeeganI MatterFilm Production2nd Primary FilmBeacon Park PTA
Nate MainNate MattersFilm Production3rd Primary FilmPlaza Vista PTA
Siaansh BhadauriaI MatterLiterature1st Primary LiteratureDeerfield Elementary
QuinnEverything Matters in Its Own Way!Literature2nd Primary LiteratureBonita Canyon
Adrian AnaluiI love Phineas and Ferb in summerLiterature3rd Primary LiteratureStone Creek 
Sophie ChenNo Moon TonightMusic Composition1st Primary MusicEastwood Elementary PTA
Fariba EftekhariIceMusic Composition2nd Primary MusicVista Verde Elementary
Audrea StalinThe Earthly Earthworm Music Composition3rd Primary MusicCypress Village Elementary PTA
SvanikThe One Hibiscus.Photography1st Primary PhotographyPortola Springs PTA
Samhitha SundharI matter becausePhotography2nd Primary PhotographyOak Creek Elementary
Matthew FooteMasks Matter, Community MattersPhotography3rd Primary PhotographyBeacon Park PTA
Anderson LingI matter because I will be a future scientist.Visual Arts1st Primary Visual ArtsLoma Ridge Elementary
Jacob WangI Matter BecauseVisual Arts2nd Primary Visual ArtsBeacon Park PTA
Aaron ChaoBe MyselfVisual Arts3rd Primary Visual ArtsBonita Canyon

Intermediate (Grades 3-5

Student NameTitle of WORKArts CategoryStudent AwardSchool
Arav ShahConfidentDance Choreography1st Intermediate DanceAlderwood Elementary PTA 
CLARA HANI matter. Because.Dance Choreography2nd Intermediate DanceEastwood Elementary PTA
Molly GabbertI Matter Because I Love to DanceDance Choreography3rd Intermediate DanceCadence Park PTSA
Andrew Dopick-up de trashFilm Production1st Intermediate Film ProductionSantiago Hills
Ethan SmithI Matter Because . . .Film Production2nd Intermediate Film ProductionEastwood Elementary PTA
Troy HanGood Impact to OthersFilm Production3rd Intermediate Film ProductionBeacon Park PTA
Beatrice MainIn Many WaysLiterature1st Intermediate LiteraturePlaza Vista PTA
Audrey SanchezSee That Girl Over ThereLiterature2nd Intermediate LiteratureBrywood Elementary
SiddhantI Matter Because You MatterLiterature3rd Intermediate LiteratureDeerfield Elementary
Tia BhagatWho I AmMusic Composition1st Intermediate MusicEastwood Elementary PTA
Jonathan MillerThe LossMusic Composition2nd Intermediate MusicCanyon View Elementary
Sophia Kim“Us”Music Composition3rd Intermediate MusicStonegate Elementary PTA
Izumi RenshusDog MedicinePhotography1st Intermediate PhotographySantiago Hills
Ariel ChenPeace and JoyPhotography2nd Intermediate PhotographyDeerfield Elementary
Melanie HanlonAssistant PrincipalPhotography3rd Intermediate PhotographyLoma Ridge Elementary
Vincent ChoThrive! Thrive!Visual Arts1st Intermediate Visual ArtsBeacon Park PTA
Haeun YooI matter because I spread “Love Virus”Visual Arts2nd Intermediate Visual ArtsVista Verde Elementary
Joy GongFamilyVisual Arts3rd Intermediate Visual ArtsCypress Village Elementary PTA

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Student NameTitle of WorkArts CategoryStudent AwardSchool
Seoah BaekI Matter Because I Am Unstoppable Dance Choreography1st Middle School DanceCanyon View Elementary
Arohi ShahUnstoppableDance Choreography2nd Middle School DanceRancho San Joaquin
SnigdhaProud to be myselfDance Choreography3rd Middle School DanceSIERRA VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA
Candrea StalinMasks MatterFilm Production1st Middle School Film ProductionCypress Village Elementary PTA
aditiA HeroFilm Production2nd Middle School Film ProductionPlaza Vista PTA
Ashley Wang“I Matter Because. . .”Film Production3rd Middle School Film ProductionSIERRA VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA
Noah LeeReasonsLiterature1st Middle School LiteratureVista Verde Elementary
Deul ChoiSnowflakesLiterature2nd Middle School LiteratureRancho San Joaquin
Rachel HaImportance of MeLiterature3rd Middle School LiteratureJeffrey Trail Middle School PTSA
Sofia MendezOnly One of MeMusic Composition1st Middle School Music CompositionRancho San Joaquin
Cadence YipFightMusic Composition2nd Middle School Music CompositionVenado PTSA
PrajithVijayakumarMusicMusic Composition3rd Middle School Music CompositionOak Creek Elementary
Noah RinReflectionPhotography1st Middle School PhotographyJeffrey Trail Middle School PTSA
Harper E. Vandermolen Inner Strength. Photography2nd Middle School PhotographyVenado PTSA
Ayla OtsukaIn the MirrorPhotography3rd Middle School PhotographyPortola Springs PTA
Jihyo KimI matter because I am beloved by myselfVisual Arts1st Middle School Visual ArtsSIERRA VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA
Sarah IdaTrue SelfVisual Arts2nd Middle School Visual ArtsVista Verde Elementary
ChloeFuture generation Visual Arts3rd Middle School Visual ArtsPortola Springs PTA

High School (Grades 9-12)

Student NameTitle of WorkArts CategoryStudent Award School
Emily OkamotoMotivation from DespairDance Choreography 1st High School DanceNorthwood High
Kaelyn ZhouI Will Rise UpDance Choreography 2nd High School DanceWoodbridge High PTSA
Monica PalI Matter through the Power of DanceDance Choreography 3rd High School DanceIrvine High
Ian NovoselI Matter Because I Am Special Film Production1st High School FilmWoodbridge High PTSA
Elena KimThe Lemon TreeFilm Production2nd High School FilmPortola High
Audrey LiLost TurtleFilm Production3rd High School FilmNorthwood High
Selina Xuremembering why i matter, one label at a timeLiterature1st High School LiteratureUniversity High PTSA
Rachel GimastardustLiterature2nd High School LiteratureNorthwood High
Sanjana ShahBecause We Can Change a LifeLiterature3rd High School LiteratureWoodbridge High PTSA
Emiri TsubouchiThe Only Flower in the WorldMusic Composition1st High School MusicUniversity High PTSA
Chloe LeeI Matter In My Story Music Composition2nd High School MusicPortola High
Abigail ChoiTell MeMusic Composition3rd High School MusicNorthwood High
ROGER XUThe Vast Ocean is My HabitatPhotography1st High School PhotographyUniversity High PTSA
Shreya Shah Smile Photography