Conducting elections: Some pointer to assist with elections at your unit:

  • PTA business should not be broadcast to the public or posted on personal social media accounts. While we have lots of information that is intended to be shared with the whole community such as social events, fundraising efforts, and membership drives, etc., we also protect our members and often conduct business that is intended only for members in good standing.  For example we would not publicize a list of members or a family donor list.  
  • Election results.  After an election each unit publishes the results in their entirety.  Individual vote counts are not discussed outside of the meeting (even with members who were not in attendance).  In fact, ballots are “destroyed” after elections and only those members in attendance are entitled to know the results. 

Guidelines for hosting a meeting via teleconferencing: 

Meetings and elections via teleconferencing platform have been approved by state PTA. Please view the following guidelines.

  1. Download the Guideline for hosting meetings via teleconferencing.
  2. Visit the CAPTA Resources for PTA Leaders page
  • General guidelines for holding PTA meetings and events during the coronavirus outbreak
  • How to hold teleconferences or video conferences, including suggested tools
  • Answers to your frequently asked questions about meetings, elections, audits and financial transactions during the outbreak

Mentors assigned to assist you during your school elections: Additional resources to support you.